Sunday, 25 July 2010

Campaign Promises

If re-elected to position of DM, in the coming games I promise to...

  1. Put statues in every dungeon. With sufficient mundane statuary, the players will cease to think about animating or trapped statues... until it's too late.
  2. Relatedly, all traps will either be visible before they're activated, or will give the players time to react before they complete their process, allowing people to actually interact and disarm them without them becoming a boring series of search/disable device/damage rolls.
  3. Use an absolute minimum of magic items that give a passive bonus to something the PCs do. Items will primarily be there to do something that nobody else can (for example - a Frost sword doesn't deal extra damage, but it can freeze water into ice...), and those that DO just give a bonus will have a distinct decision-making process attached (for example, an item that takes a month to recharge, or which will give a boost to your armour but destroy it in the process).
  4. I will say Yes more often (although I'm still saying there are NO cacti on my campaign world, thank you very much).
  5. I will do my utmost to avoid boring combats. If you get ambushed by bandits, they will be interesting bandits (possibly mutant cyborg interesting bandits).

1 comment:

  1. Bandits don't need to be anything other than bandits with personalities to be interesting.