Sunday, 7 November 2010

[AW-style move]Recall a Cure

Recall a Cure (d20+Knowledge+Mind)
Roll when a party member is afflicted by some horrible condition (such as a curse, disease, or whatnot), and you need to remember how to cure it.

14-: the GM picks one option from the following list.
15-19: as above, but the player picks instead.
20+: the players gets to pick three.

  • The cure is nearby, and won't take a long journey to reach.
  • Acquiring the cure will not require spending much money.
  • The process of getting the cure will not be overly dangerous.
  • The party won't owe anybody any favors in exchange for the cure.
  • The process of getting the cure will give the party some other benefit in addition to its restorative properties.

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