Tuesday, 7 August 2012

[Dungeon World] Martial Arts Styles, Part 2

Black Swan Style

Emphasizing the unexpected movement and putting your opponent off-balance, this secretive school was developed by members of the Black Swan Triad. Using the techniques of this school will instantly mark you as someone with deep and close ties to the Jade City's youngest criminal organisation.
Basic Techniques:
  • Swooping Hawk Strike: Suddenly move across a distance and attack an enemy before they expect it.
  • Solo Swan Sweep: Trip your foe, either putting them on the floor or off-balance.
  • Unbalanced Equilibrium Stance: When an enemy attacks you, redirect their attack against something else.
Preferred Weapons: Butterfly knives, chains.
Weakness: Unpredictability

Falling Leaf Style

The Falling Leaf school is one of the less common martial arts practised on Chennai. Once popular in the old Empire of the Many Heavens, it has lost traction over the centuries as its practitioners have died off or associated themselves with unsuccessful regimes. Built on the principles of balance and subtlety, it is not an easy style to learn, but those who master it can still be highly effective in battle.
Basic Techniques:
  • Subtle Breeze Movement: Defy gravity for a few moments.
  • Gentle Inertia Tap: Knock an enemy off-balance and force them into a position where you have the advantage.
  • Balanced Awareness Technique: Avoid being surprised and instead act before your opponent.
Preferred Weapons: Staves, swords.
Weakness: Lack of fortitude

Flying Horse Style

The ghazi-warriors of Shatranji are masters of the martial sphere, and have developed several different schools of combat. Flying Horse Style emphasizes the bravery of the charge, the sheer courage it takes for someone to throw themselves into battle and risk death for their beliefs.
Basic Techniques:
  • Headstrong Stallion Charge: Leap at an opponent, ignoring any obstacles, and strike them with terrible force.
  • Implacable Courage Spirit: Ignore fear, terror, or a supernatural assault on your mind.
  • Terrifying Hooves of Destruction: Make an attack against your opponent that is particularly terrifying or awe-inspiring - lesser foes may flee in terror.
Preferred Weapons: Spears, maces.
Weakness: Unsubtle

Shifting Crab Style

Another technique wielded by the warriors of Shatranji, this school emphasizes being where your opponent is not and moving around their defenses, rather than attempting to strike them head-on.
Basic Techniques:
  • Devious Sideways Step: Suddenly move to where your opponent would not expect you to be.
  • Penetrating Pincer Attack: When you have an advantageous position, strike at your foe's weak points and inflict terrible damage.
  • Unorthodox Motion Defence: Avoid an attack or danger by moving in a surprising way. 
Preferred Weapons: Nunchaku, fans, claws.
Weakness: Arrogance

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