Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bridge to Destruction – A Bridge Two Far. Part 2

Exploring the corridor the grate had led to, the party found the source of the skeletons: a tomb. Most of the stone coffins within were empty, their contents having been butchered, burnt and blasted to hell and back along with the cellar. For this reason, the party was rather surprised by the Wight that they discovered as they proceeded to loot the place (Macbeth inquired whether, being somewhat dead himself, grave robbery was less bad for him. Nobody could decide). Robblesteinberg promptly took shelter in another coffin after he rolled a 1 and the Wight took his battleaxe. Macbeth failed to hit it with his crossbow at point blank range, and Vincent waited to see whether he would need to expend one of his turn undead uses.

Pöwër Mürdërfäcë lived up to his name and sliced it in half with his greatxe/bass guitar.

The group then returned to their looting, finding a large pile of coins under the wight, and a pair of rubies in the coffin that Robble had taken shelter in.

the group broke up for the night, and I began planning the next few rooms with Zorro's help. I carefully drew them out and got the meeples we use for miniatures ready.

When they came back the next day, they continued to explore. The next room was a vast chamber, featuring a number of balconies, a stream feeding out of the sewers and a bridge. Oh, and a horde of zombies: ten brown meeples and a red meeple to represent the obligatory Micheal Jackson reference.
The party used quite impressive tactics to fight the zombies, placing burning oil in their paths of approach, and making sure they rarely had the opportunity to even make an attack on the group, thanks to their slow movement. Well, mostly, anyway. Vincent got himself bailed up in a corner and was taken down to 2 hit points before he could heal himself and hurriedly scramble up onto a balcony above, and Robble's primary contribution to the fight (before he tried and failed to jump over the sewer, and spent the rest of the fight trying to climb out) was to use his illusion magic to mask himself and then turn Micheal Jackson zombie into David Bowie zombie.

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