Monday, 12 April 2010

my take on eXPloration

entirely stolen in format from Jeff Rients' post on the subject. XP values calibrated for microlite20
  • 20xp for visiting any of the Coin's three moons and gazing upon the elephants and the turtle (10xp each for the other two moons).
  • 15xp for scaling the spindle (talking to the gods when you reach the top is entirely optional. They might get pissed either way).
  • 8xp for visiting the secret grove of the high druids or the hidden monastery of the Tax Monks. 10xp if the inhabitants actually invite you in.
  • 5xp for crossing the Spindlewick mountains, or the Howling Desert.
  • 2xp for each Great City you visit (Al Harraj, Pyresburg, Spinotaur City, and That Underdark One Nobody Can Pronounce).
  • 2xp for visiting Cannon Valley.
  • 2xp for looking off the edge of the world.
  • 2xp for braving the misty hills or any similar monster-haunted, malevolent and generally creepy location for three nights.
Non-location XP
  • 1xp for seeing a dragon.
  • 5xp for the first time you ride a dragon. Other modes of aerial transit (flying carpet, skyship, roc, spell) as well as later rides on a dragon will give less xp.
  • 2xp for watching a city burn. Once per city (no camping, people).
  • 1xp for getting shipwrecked (either sea or skyship), but no xp if you do it intentionally.

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  1. If Waleed visits The Underdark One Nobody Can Pronounce, he'll have visited the Coin's five greatest cities! Although we've added quite a few since then...