Friday, 29 October 2010

AW style movies - Roguish Edition

Pick a Pocket (d20+Subterfuge+Dex)
14-: major failure, pick two results (see below)
15-19: minor failure, pick one result (see below)
20+: success!

  • You fail to pick the target's pocket
  • Somebody (50% chance it's the target, otherwise somebody nearby) notices you. If this result is picked twice, everybody nearby is aware of what you did.
Pick a Lock Under Pressure (d20+Subterfuge+Mind)
Performing this move requires a set of thieves' tools.
14-: pick one
15-19: pick two
20+: pick three

  • You open the lock
  • You don't break any of your tools
  • You aren't noisy in the process
  • You don't take very long
Sneak Past Some Guards (d20+Subterfuge+Dex or Mind)
In some cases, the GM may require a distraction before you have a chance to use this move.
14-: pick one
15-19: pick two
20+: pick three
  • You get where you want to go.
  • You don't spend much timing waiting for an opportunity/to realize it's not going to work.
  • The guards don't notice you.
Trade on the Black Market (d20+Subterfuge+Mind)
14-: pick three
15-19: pick two
20+: pick one
  • The price involved is unreasonable (and not in your favor).
  • Getting the deal done takes a heap more time than you intended.
  • You get mixed up in trouble in the local underworld.
  • The suspicions of the local law enforcement are aroused.

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