Sunday, 24 October 2010

New Cleric Mechanic/AW-Style Move

Balance issues are yet to be tested...

Pray (1d20+Communication+Mind-10)
A character may only try to do this once per day.

14-: nothing happens
15-19: receive one miracle
20+: receive three miracles

Clerics ignore the penalty, and may re-roll the check, although they must take the second result, even if it’s worse.

  • 1d6 damage, + 1d6 per two character levels, damage to all unholy creatures in 30 ft. (save for half). Said unholy creatures may halve the damage they take, but if so they must flee from the praying individual.
  • Cast a level 2+ spell as if you were a wizard. (GM may veto spell if it doesn’t seem to match your god of choice, or alternately say that some other power supplied the spell...).
  • Ignore the fact you're wearing armour for spellcasting purposes.
  • All allies within 30ft. may spend a healing surge as a free action, and may re-roll the result.
  • All allies within 30ft. may roll a new save against any negative ongoing non-permanent effect they’re experiencing.
  • Be given another chance to pray for a miracle today.

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