Monday, 3 May 2010

Microlite: Feats of Power!

One of the main issues I have with Microlite20, at least in the form Jarrah uses, is that it provides relatively little room for character differentiation - the only ways in which characters of the same class/race combo differ from each other is in their stats (rolled at random) and their equipment (so now we're back to characters being defined by their items... a particularly odious 3.5ism that I never enjoyed).

Thus, I've proposed a system that draws in some of the elements I love about D&D4e and the feat system from 3.5e. I'll be the first to admit that t's not particularly "balanced"... but balance isn't really our core emphasis in this version of D&D so much as ensuring everyone has an interesting time. Since it's all a mess of houserules anyway, anything too odious can be easily reigned in.

Feats of Power

At 1st level, a character selects one of their Class Feats. These serve to further define the character. At every odd level thereafter, an additional feat slot is opened up. Characters may fill these feat slots with techniques and clever stratagems they learn from wizened masters, combat teachers, or come up with in their own path.


Nimble Swordsman
You may add your Dexterity bonus to attack rolls (in addition to your strength score) in any round where you move at least once.

Cleaving Axe
Whenever you hit with an axe, you may deal damage equal to your Strength bonus to any other adjacent enemies.

Hammer Smash
Even if you miss, you still do damage equal to your Strength Bonus to the creature you were attacking.

Defensive Counterstrike
Whenever an adjacent enemy attacks one of your allies, you may make an immediate attack against them as a free action. You can only do this once per round.


Wand of Accuracy
At the cost of 1hp, you may re-roll a magic attack roll and add your Dexterity bonus if wielding a wand.

Staff of Defense
When wielding a staff, add +2 to your AC.

more to come...


  1. This looks pretty cool! Hope to see it grow into something that you can really enjoy playing. Any help you need I am sure you can get from the community.

    Seth Drebitko

  2. When are we going to see more of these feats?

  3. As soon as I can pin TheLongAmigo down for working out details, then we'll have the Bard and Cleric feats. Otherwise, I'll post some more Wizard, Rogue and Fighter feats tomorrow.

    (much as we were aiming for simple, short lists of feats, the Fighter gets a large-ish array of choice purely because there are so many different weapons a fighter could specialize in)