Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sneaky Sorceror Spells

Whitefire's Unseen Archer
Level: 2
Duration: 10 minutes/level or until discharged
Range: 10 feet/level
Target: one bow or crossbow, and 1 bolt or arrow per level.

This spell allows the caster to use a bow or crossbow from a distance, albeit at a -1 penalty for every 10 feet away the weapon is. The weapon can be moved up to 20 feet per round, and can be fired once per round, until the duration has expired, or the weapon has fired all its enspelled ammunition. Both the weapon and the target of the weapon must be in line of sight of the caster.

Mask Under the Mask
Level: 5
Duration: 1 hour/level

Much like the spell Disguise Self, this changes the caster's visual appearance. However, unlike that spell, if the disguise is pierced (through feeling the target, True Seeing, or Dispel Magic), there is a second disguise underneath, which includes tactile, olfactory, thermal and auditory disguising on the caster, and which cannot be detected by True Seeing unless the caster loses an opposed Magic Attack roll.

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