Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Microlite: More Feats of Power!

These were actually penned by TheLoneAmigo, but as he's not around today, I'm presenting them. Part 1 here.

Fighter Feats (Continued)

Tangling Chains
On a successful attack roll with a flail, spiked chain, or whip, you can move your target up to your Strength modifier x 5 feet towards you.

Ready Polearm
Once per round, if an enemy moves before attacking you (and is within melee range) , you may make a free attack on them.

Lightning Reload
You may reload a crossbow as a free action.

Mighty Bowman
You may add your Strength modifier to damage rolls with bows.

Nimble Throwing
You may add your Dexterity modifier to damage rolls with thrown weapons, rather than your strength modifier.

Wizard Feats (Continued)

Tome of Knowledge
At the start of each day, you may prepare one spell you know and can normally cast, ready to be read from your tome. Once during that day, you can cast that spell for free while wielding a tome.

And now some for the Illusionists...

Cloak of Distraction
At the cost of 1 hp you can replace your AC with a Subterfuge + Dexterity roll against 1 attack when wearing a (suitably flashy) cloak.

Orb of Mystery
When wielding an Orb and casting an illusion or enchantment spell, at the cost of 1 hp, you can re-roll your magic attack, and add your Mind bonus to the result (in addition to the fact it's already added to your magic attack anyway).

Rogue Feats

Charming Bastard
You get a +3 bonus to the Communication skill.

Sneaky Bastard
You get a +1 bonus to the Subterfuge skill, and can always hide, even in the middle of combat, with a Subterfuge + Dex roll.

Athletic Bastard
You get a +2 bonus to the Physical skill.

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