Saturday, 23 July 2011

[Troubles & Treasures] Class Acts: The Archer


Prime Requisite: Dexterity
Key Skill: Physical, Subterfuge

At a moment's notice, the arrow is loosed from its string, flying true into the heart of its target. Another follows soon after, decorating the monster with protruding shafts. Before the beast has even had a chance to realise what's happening, it collapses like an overblown pincushion. The bowman moves swiftly through the clearing, vanishing back into the shadows.

This is the way of the archer. To strike swiftly from a distance, to blend with the shadows, to be on the enemy before they can even respond.

Play an archer if you want to...
  • Be one with your bow, not this namby-pamby nature shit.
  • Strike from the shadows, hit where it hurts, and pepper your foes with arrows.
  • Keep your distance from the enemy.

Class Features:

Sniper's Aim
When you spend a round aiming, roll a Dexterity attack against your target. If you hit, either they must move away from you, or your next attack against them is automatically a critical.

Rapid Volley
When you draw on your inner reserves of strength, you can fire a truly ridiculous amount of arrows. You can spend a healing surge to make an attack against every target in a 10ft radius.

Quick Draw
If your bow is nearby, you can have it in your hands with an arrow notched at a moment's notice.

Archer's Alarcity
Take +3 to Subterfuge or Physical, your choice.

Class Feats

Mounted Archer
When you fire arrows from horseback, take +1 to your attack roll if your mount is moving at full speed.

Two Birds
When you fire two arrows at one target, it counts as one attack at a -2 penalty, but you do double damage on a hit.

Weighty Pull
Add your Strength bonus to your bow's damage.

Shoot the Horizon
When you have a bow, you can shoot anything you can see with no range penalty.

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  1. Pretty amazing. Isn't the penalty for the Two Birds a bit low, though? :) I think -3 or -4 would be better. Imagine two consecutive criticals.

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