Friday, 22 July 2011

[Troubles & Treasures] Class Acts: The Hoplite


Prime Requisite: Strength
Key Skill: Physical

Armed with spear, javelin, and sword, the hoplites of the Mynacean city-states contribute some of the most feared armies in the civilised world. With their heavy armor and shields, they can shrug off nearly any barrage, and be ready to strike back in force with javelins. Hoplites traditionally fight together, in a phalanx of free men, but some use their freedom to take up the life of a travelling adventurer, battling madness and hubris wherever it may arise.

Play a hoplite if you want to...
  • Defend your allies and your city with shield and spear.
  • Live as a free and honorable citizen-soldier of the Mynacean city-states.
  • Be equally dangerous in hand-to-hand and ranged combat.
Class Features

Phalanx Protector
When wielding a shield, you and any adjacent allies gain a +1 bonus to AC.

Javelin Hurler
When you hurl a javelin or spear, add both your Strength and Dexterity bonus to the attack and damage rolls.

You are not just a solider; you are a hero of Mynacea; perhaps an athlete, a philosopher, or an orator. Add +3 to one of Physical, Knowledge, or Communication, and +1 to the others.

Class Feats

We Will Fight In The Shade
When wielding a shield, you add an additional +1 to AC against ranged attacks, on top of your Phalanx Protector bonus.

Defenders of the Polis
When you stand in solemn defense of a city, town, or village, you will not die or collapse until you have suffered damage equal to twice your hit points.

Agon and Tragordia
When you challenge a foe to single combat and lose, you get experience points as if you had defeated them.

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  1. Nice! I love protector classes, and you made this one even more useful with the feats! :) Good job.

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