Monday, 18 July 2011

[To Coin a World] The Disenchanted Forest

Spindlewick, the major hub-continent of the Coin, is covered in forests. Most of them are enchanted, and are positively lousy with fairies, unicorns, and other obnoxious and highly-magical beings. Against this magical backdrop, one region stands out - The Disenchanted Forest. The area is completely devoid of magic. Spells do not work under its eves, enchanted items are useless, and magical beings lose any magical powers and properties until they leave the wood.

Encounters in the Disenchanted Forest:
  • A completely normal, non-talking, non-mutated animal.
  • A rather confused lycanthrope that has become a completely normal man, at least temporarily. Probably looking for some clothes.
  • A group of wizards doing research on the area. Their spells don't work, so they're carying ridiculous amounts of armour and weaponry to compensate. They're very jumpy, because they can hear off in the distance...
  • A tyrannosaurus rex. It used to be a dragon. Now it's very stupid, and very angry.

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